Administrative Review

Candidates registering for the edTPA assessment acknowledge and agree to the policies governing the edTPA program, including the Rules of Assessment Participation, at the time of registration. Candidates are also required to attest to their adherence to specific program policies at the time of their edTPA portfolio submission. As part of these rules and policies, candidates are advised that failure to comply with the rules, requirements, and policies specified or referenced on the current edTPA website, the candidate's edTPA results may be voided and other actions may be taken by Evaluation Systems, the candidate's educator preparation program, or associated State Agency.

During official scoring, portions of a candidate's submitted materials are screened for originality by official scorers and detection software. Portfolios are identified for Administrative Review if screening indicates a match of identical or similar language with other sources. Screening for each subject area includes analysis of matched language across any and all source(s), including previously submitted portfolios.

Once under Administrative Review, portfolios undergo an analysis by multiple reviewers. At the conclusion of the Administrative Review, if the reviewers are unable to confirm the originality of any part of the submission, all scores related to the portfolio under review will be voided.

If the final decision is to release the scores, the candidate will be contacted and told when the score report will be available for viewing in his/her account. In some cases, the candidate may receive a letter indicating that materials demonstrate a possible violation of the Rules of Assessment Participation and cautioning the candidate to comply with edTPA assessment rules in the future.

Prior to the voiding the scores, candidates are given an opportunity to provide information, other than the portfolio materials submitted for official scoring, that may support the originality of the candidate's submitted materials. After reviewing information provided by the candidate and after considering the final recommendation of the Administrative Review committee, Evaluation Systems or the state authority may determine to either exit the portfolio from Administrative Review to proceed to official score reporting or to void all scores related to that submission.

Information provided by a candidate as part of an appeal may be shared with the state licensing agency and/or Educator Preparation Program for additional investigation.

Score Delays

The originality checking process is instigated at the time of candidate submission, and screening and additional manual reviews are scheduled to occur prior to the release of scores for any given edTPA results release date. In the event that the Administrative Review process is not complete by the scheduled score release date, the scores associated with the submission(s) under investigation will be held until the review is complete. In order to protect the privacy of the candidate and the integrity of the results reporting process, detailed information about the basis for the administrative review is not available to candidates or programs during this time.

Voiding of Scores

If edTPA scores were voided as a final determination of the administrative review process, the candidate will be advised of the score void via email. Per the Rules of Assessment Participation, candidates are not eligible for a refund of assessment fees and would be required to register and submit new payment for a future edTPA full assessment retake submission if results are voided.

The State Agency and the educator preparation program claimed by the candidate at the time of registration and submission, to which edTPA results would be released, will also be notified if a candidate's results are voided. The flagged and source materials that were reviewed as part of the investigation may also be provided to the relevant state agency depending on state policy.

Candidates may review the edTPA Retake Policy and find important information in Guidelines for edTPA Retake Decision-making and Support . Before registering, candidates should review the Instructions for edTPA Retake . This guide contains important registration and submission information on the edTPA retake process.

Queries related to Administrative Review status can be directed to the Office of Assessment Practice at

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