edTPA Reporting

Please note that official score reports are only available to Educator Preparation Programs at the implementation level of edTPA membership. Due to laws protecting confidentiality and privacy of candidates, only candidates may inquire about their edTPA scores. Each Educator Preparation Program designates an edTPA score reporting contact. This contact may access the following types of reports through their secure score reporting website:

  • Score Reports for candidates will be available per the submission and reporting schedule, and will be made available to the edTPA reporting contacts in ResultsAnalyzer® 24 hours after candidates receive scores.
  • General Reports using ResultsAnalyzer®: Contacts may generate reports for all handbook areas within a defined timeframe.
  • Custom Reports using ResultsAnalyzer®: Contacts may generate handbook-specific or population-specific data for their state or program.
  • Candidate Status Reports are accessible to edTPA score report contacts. This report is updated daily and lists the current status of candidates from their program as registered, submitted, and withdrawn.
  • Biannual Report Access: These reports and a corresponding communication will be posted twice a year. These reports contain descriptive statistics for the following populations:
    • National Report
    • State Report
    • EPP-Specific Report
  • National Condition Code Report, which addresses what condition codes were applied during the operational year in order to provide states and programs with more information to inform curriculum and their knowledge of current trends in edTPA submissions. Condition codes are applied to submissions/artifacts that are deemed unscorable (e.g., illegible text, edited video, wrong file type submitted).

Accessing edTPA Reports

edTPA results reports will be made available to the edTPA reporting contacts. The edTPA reporting contact will log in to Pearson's secure reporting site to access the reports. A username and password will be sent to the edTPA reporting contact prior to report distribution. Review the following documents for technical details:

Condition Code Detail Reports are also accessible to edTPA score report contacts. The report includes information on any candidates from your program who participated in edTPA and received a condition code(s) for a scoring rubric(s). A report will be posted for each reporting period where candidate(s) from your program have received condition codes.

Score Delays due to Administrative Review

In some cases, the release of a candidate's edTPA results may be delayed as the result of an administrative review. An administrative review may occur for several reasons, including confirmation that a submission meets all requirements and is in compliance with the rules of assessment participation. Read more about administrative reviews.

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